How to Properly Care for Your Leather Boots this Winter

Leather boots are sturdy, reliable, and fashionable accessories—considered a must-have in your winter wardrobe by men and women alike.

However, trudging through snow, slush, and the general muck on roads can have a significant negative effect on the leather.

If shoes are not taken care of properly, they are likely to last for a shorter period of time, despite its sturdy reputation. To get the full use out of your leather boots, there a few things you can do to take care of them through the harsh winter months.


Invest in a Cleaner

Keeping leather boots clean in winter is an important part of ensuring they last longer than a few seasons.

Boots naturally accumulate a lot of dirt and debris; salt stains are a common complaint with leather. Wiping it down with a soft cloth dipped in a mixture of vinegar and water is great for surface cleaning. Saddle soap—used for horse saddles—is another great option, and leather dressings with mink oil and wax in them are ideal for leather boot care in cold climate.

Prevention is Better Than Cure

While there are many ways to counter the damage that winter season brings to your leather boots, preventing that damage from occurring in the first place is an obvious step to take.

Whether your leather boots are waterproof or not, providing them with further protection— using a waterproof spray—will only reduce the amount of damage control you’re going to have to do.

There are also a number of products available on the market that provide protection from the likes of oil and salt—which are notorious for leaving stubborn stains on your favorite boots.

What’s on the Inside Counts Too

If you’re going to invest your time in making sure the outside of your leather boots is in prime condition, then it’s imperative to make sure the inside is well preserved too.

A lot of pesky bacteria live in that comfortable, dank space in your boots, and it can build up over time.

Drying the inside out with newspaper when the boots get wet is simple and efficient. An antibacterial spray is the way to go for those with a penchant for a germ-free life.

There are numerous ways to keep your costly leather boots thriving through frigid weather, but sometimes, that isn’t enough.

Cobblers or shoe repair shops in your area are a great option for when you need someone to take care of your leather boot woes.

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How Much Are The Alterations On Your Wedding Gown Costing You?

Imagine visiting a designer wedding dress boutique, spotting an absolutely stunning dress, but “sorry, it isn’t in your size”.

Not to worry; you can have it altered, made precisely for your body.

Have you been wondering how much your wedding dress alterations will cost, exactly? Well, the answer depends on the professional you are handing the alteration to.

Following are some common alterations and the basic cost that local seamstresses and tailors ask.

The Hem

Cost: $140-$225

This alteration is the most common because even the most perfect fitting wedding dress will be long from the hem. As such the length will need to be shortened, a procedure which takes more time than it seems. Wedding dress hems often feature plastic webbing known as horsehair. The seamstress will charge more on every alteration, because of this.

Are there more layers of fabric on the dress? Is there lace stitched on the hem? Is the bottom of your wedding gown beaded? All of these are reasons why alterations on the hem will cost you more!

wedding-dressThe Sides

Cost: $50-$200

Don’t be upset at your designer if your wedding dress is designed one size too big. There is a reason why this is done! You will be stuck with a dress that can’t be altered because there isn’t any space to perform the alteration!

The sides (of your wedding gown) can be easily altered, according to your fitting. However, price of this alteration will be affected if the gown features lace or beading. Additionally, most professionals charge clients according to the amount that needs to be taken out of the dress.

The Bustle

Cost: $55-$95

Wedding gowns that feature a train will have to undergo a bustle alteration. This is also where the most profit is made by seamstresses as people are usually unaware how many bustles are too many. According to experts, six or seven bustle points are more than enough. Having a second opinion on this issue is recommended.

wedding-preparationThe Cups

Cost: $20-$40

This alteration is incredibly important if you aren’t going to wear a bra underneath your wedding dress.

They provide chest support in the absence of bras or corsets, which is why the cups should be of the right size and fitting. Brides-to-be rarely think of this incredibly important alteration, even when having their dress custom-made from a designer boutique.

Every bride wants to look beautiful on their big day. A droopy neckline or too tight seam will not only ruin their look, but also ensure an uncomfortable feeling throughout the day. Make sure to try out your dress immediately after receiving it from the boutique.

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Stand Out: Reasons To Buy Vintage Clothing

People are becoming increasingly enamored with the culture and lifestyles of bygone decades. Silent movies have seen a swell in their fan-base and the science fiction works of 20th Century artists are perhaps more popular now than ever before.

The latest sub-genre in this emerging trend is of people buying vintage clothing.

Here some reasons why thousands of people are scouring for them online, and why you should too!

fashionThe Fashion

Every era produces its share of clothing that is dull, as well as stunning. Antique dresses have features such as intricate buttons, delicate patterns, and elaborate pintucks. This is why more and more celebrities are now turning to vintage clothing for red carpet events. They ensure that their dress is absolutely unique at the event.

Moreover, fashion trends are also defined by their era’s culture and society. Vintage clothing has an air of sophistication and class. Many modern garments simply do not have that vibe because our modern society is more focused on practicality rather than glamour.

People who wear vintage dresses exude a sense of power that is hard to ignore, putting them in the limelight of any party.

qualityThe Quality

Previous generations were more focused on quality than quantity when it came to their clothes.

The reason why prominent vintage garment retailers are able to secure so many old dresses is because they were built to last. The quality of the material and the rigorousness of the stitching ensure that they are durable.

Even some of the most expensive dresses today are made with cost saving in mind and often have glaring inadequacies. Manufacturers back then had a clear incentive for producing the best.

storyThe Story

The story of our lives is portrayed in what we choose to wear. Clothing says a lot about their owner’s personality, ideology and status. Perhaps that is why more and more people are attracted to older clothing.

Modern fashion is focused towards mass consumerism and fashion houses are putting out garments that appeal to the widest audiences. However, this drive has left many free spirits and creative souls behind who are unable to find dresses that appeal to their instincts. Vintage clothing is filling the vacuum that the modern fashion industry has created. Individuals are increasingly finding garments that best suit their personality in clothes from the days of old, rather than the new ones being offered in stores.

If you are considering getting a vintage dress to stand out at a social gathering, visit one of the numerous private retailers online.

However, it is important that your cherished garment be handled with care. Make sure that your dress is cleaned and altered by a respected laundry and tailoring service, such as Imperial Valet.

The wash and fold laundry service in DC has been serving the city for about the same age as your vintage dress. They have the necessary expertise to alter the dress to fit you and thoroughly clean it so that it is as good as new.

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