All You Need To Know About Wedding Dress Alterations And How You Can Secure The Best Results

wedding gown alteration serviceAre you thinking to take the plunge and say, “I do” to an off the rack wedding ensemble?

There is nothing quite like a dress fitted perfectly, according to your measurements! You will most probably have to make a trip or two to a wedding gown alteration service.

Most wedding gowns need to be altered—their sleeves trimmed back, hems sewn again, fitted properly from the bodice. Have little idea regarding wedding dress alterations and how to go about yours?

With the help of the following guide, you’ll be ready for your wedding day with a flawless wedding dress that fits perfectly!

FAQ: Is It Alright to Purchase Wedding Dress In Wrong Size?

You are hunting for the perfect dress a month before your wedding. There, adorned by a slim mannequin, a stunning princess cut wedding dress waves at you. Even better, the dress is on sale!

There’s just one problem—the seemingly perfect dress is in the wrong size.

But that is what alterations are for, right? Or will too many alterations ruin an already expensive wedding dress?

Better to Purchase a Dress as close to Your Size as Possible

Remember—making a dress smaller is easier than altering it to become a larger size. It’s a good idea to purchase a wedding gown that is a larger size. Any alterations to the dress won’t ruin the style, although that depends on dress style and embellishments.

What Is Your Wedding Weight Goal?

Wedding Weight GoalMany brides-to-be order a wedding dress that is two or three size smaller than their current weight. This is supposedly to motivate women to lose weight before the wedding—and their biggest mistake!

You cannot predict how much weight you will be able to lose before the wedding.

Let’s be realistic; with all the wedding arrangements, the cake tasting and menu planning, your weight-loss goals can take a backseat.

Instead of purchasing a smaller sized dress, consider a gown with structure. It will be easier to have the dress altered, if necessary.

Additionally, structured wedding gowns feature built-in corsets that can be easily tightened or loosened, customizable bust cups, etc.

Another option to consider is an A line wedding gown. Stay away from slinkier sized gowns if you have trouble with losing weight.

Wedding Dress Alteration 101 – It Is Easier To Take Something In

Thinking of wearing your mother’s vintage wedding gown to your big day? You have can afford to have the dress altered without compromising severely on its style. In contrast, having a new dress altered can be difficult, if there are too many size differences.

Can’t find your chosen style in the correct size? Select a wedding gown that is more than one size larger. This will ensure any alterations are possible in an affordable price range.

Stuck with a wedding gown that is perfect in every way, except the size of the sleeves and hemline? Take it to Imperial Valet, a respectable Washington D.C. based wedding gown alteration service DC.


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