The Right Way To Style Leather

leather jacketsMany people feel that leather can only be worn during winter or fall.

But did you know there are ways to style it so that your leather garments can be utilized at other times in the year as well?

Here are some simple tricks that can help bring your look together.

Pair It Up With Denim

For both men and women, this is the safest way to go about it.

Jeans look great with almost everything. For women, wearing a pair of boyfriend jeans and a statement necklace with a plain t-shirt, heels and a leather jacket will be a great way to look both tough and stylish.

If you are going for a more summer look, you could always wear shorts instead. This might seem like an unlikely combo to many, but this looks way cool if you try it.

The Perfect Fall Look

If you want to make a look that’s perfect for fall, wear your leather jacket with a white dress, black tights and combat boots. The white dress will give it a girly touch, while the combat boots will toughen it up.

There Are Colors

For men, they often play it safe by sticking to black. For all the boys out there afraid to try something new, there are other colors in leather jackets that look just as good. Go for a brown; if you want to try something really different, wear a red leather jacket paired with a black shirt and trousers.

Women should be experimenting with lighter colors like beige or light brown. Pair it up with any pastel colored pants; it will give a super soft and sweet look.

Leather Pants

Who says they’re no longer in fashion? Pair a casual plaid shirt with leather pants and you’re good to go.

Just remember to wear a plain tee; otherwise it’ll take away from the look of the leather pants. Wearing a basic white t-shirt is another great option. Play around with the accessories if you like. Add a fancy necklace or a stylish bracelet to make it a more classy look.

Bomber Jackets

Bomber JacketsYes, you heard us right, bomber jackets are a great way to look both cool and have an overall casual look. It adds a bit of an edge.

In winter, this looks especially good. Maybe pair it up with a nice beanie. Slim blue jeans will go best with the look. If you really want to complete the winter look, you can even add some fingerless gloves!

Leather is a great material; it can be used for both casual events, and can also look sophisticated.

That being said, it requires a little care. If not handled by an experienced dry cleaning service DC it might stain or tear.

For your leather related attire, contact a reliable service like Imperial Valet Service Inc. They provide professional suede and leather cleaning. Give your leather garments and shoes the care they deserve.


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