The Significance Of Commercial Laundry Pickup & Delivery For Your Restaurant

commercial laundry

Are you the proud owner of a restaurant?

Along with soothing the taste buds of your customers by providing them with the best in the culinary arts, a dilemma you probably face each day is keeping your place clean and your employees presentable.

On Time Deliveries

When running a business, professionalism is key! Nobody likes slow service. Your restaurant will open every day. Customers will flood in, demanding scrumptious meals and the finest service.

Making an impression and maintaining a positive image is important to ensure that customers will come again.

Maintaining a standard of cleanliness is a reflection on the food itself. When a team is dressed professionally, it doesn’t just look good to the customers, it also boosts team morale. And this is why it is necessary to invest in efficient commercial laundry services.

How the process works

Depending on your needs a schedule is decided. Deliveries can be made as frequently as daily, which is exactly what restaurants need. The laundry is picked up and transported to a laundering location, where the products are washed, sorted and treated for stains.

Chef and waiter uniforms are bound to get stains that are difficult to get rid of. Once the linens are clean and fresh, they are dried, folded and pressed before being delivered to your restaurant.

The Benefit to you

The washing of fabrics not only requires a lot of effort, but is also extremely time consuming. For large scale operations such as the laundry of the entire restaurant, a personal washing machine will not suffice. Handing this task over to professionals will save you time.

Dealing with customers every day and meeting the standard expected of you requires a lot of energy.

commercial laundry services DCIn such a situation, laundry will simply add to the burden. Trying to wash fabrics with pesky stains is a risky option; the stains might in turn further stick to the fabric.

Commercial laundry services DC make use of the appropriate equipment and are thus favorable.

What you need is a laundry pickup and delivery service that does not disappoint!

Need clean tablecloths and uniforms delivered to you promptly at the start of the day—that too on a budget? Call Imperial Valet at (202) 785-1444 for a service you can count on!


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