It Is Possible To Wear Suede In Snow?

The short answer is no.


Being the second most delicate materials (for footwear), real suede is one of the trickiest materials to take care of, in the winter and rainy season. Why would people even consider wearing suede shoes in the slippery, cold and wet throes of winter is a mystery!


Yet, they do. Ever stopped to think what will protect your expensive investment from the wet snow?

Suede – A Naturally Porous and Delicate Material

This material is a type of leather—only suede is made from the inner and softer layer of animal hide. This is what makes this material so special.

Wearing this material in the winter is a big no-no as wetness and snow can cause suede permanent damage. This doesn’t mean your new suede boots can’t see the light of day during wintertime!

Here are some tips that can help protect your suede shoes (or jacket) in the winter season.

Seal Your Suede with Water Protective Sealant

Would you hit the beach on a hot sunny day without any sunscreen? The same applies for suede made boots and shoes in the wintery season.

You shouldn’t even think about taking a new pair of suede boots or shoes, outside on the wet and snow laden streets without some kind of protection. Protect your suede sealants and waterproof sprays are available everywhere from drug stores to even shoe stores.

Look for a sealant that offers long-lasting results as many can provide protection for several months with a single, thin application. A good commercial quality product will help repel dirt and prevent water, salt stains.

Use White Vinegar to Treat Dried Stains

Taking your suede boots out for a spin on the dirty, slush ridden streets? The delicate material can get dirty easier than other footwear materials and will be a pain to clean once dry.

Approach this issue by rubbing off dried dirt with an emery board for a quick solution. Treating heavier stains will require stronger arsenal such as white vinegar and a soft and clean towel. Blot the stain using only a small amount of the vinegar.

Repeat the process for as long as needed. This is also an incredible way to deal with pesky water and salt stains.

mens-suede-shoe-protection-with-sprayAlways Remember – Suede Should Never Be Cleaned With Water

Counterintuitive it may seem; however, cleaning your suede jacket and boots with water is a bad idea!


Not only will doing so damage the texture of your precious and expensive suede shoes but also cause the color to fade.

Last But Not the Least, Visit a Professional Shoe Repairer

Nobody knows better about shoes and repair care more than your local, professional and expert shoe repairer.


Most have years of experience in repairing all types of materials and shoes. Additional Tip: Make sure to visit a shoe repair shop before storing your suede or leather shoes in the warmer months.


Imperial Valet should be your first and obvious choice when it comes to suede repair and cleaning. The professional dry cleaning, laundry and alteration service also specializes in shoe repair!


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