Dos And Don’ts Of Proper Shoe Storage

Dos And Don’ts Of Proper Shoe Storage


Your shoe collection is a depiction of your style and fashion sense. A practically designed collection can last for seasons and be re-used once the old styles come back in trend.

Hence, in order to gain maximum utility out of your favorite pair of shoe, proper care and maintenance is required.

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Keep Your Wardrobe Fresh And Clean For A Long Time

Is every morning a struggle?

Do your start your day making way through the avalanche of clothes?


Have you forgotten what items were present in your closet? Is dressing up for work just not your thing anymore?

Well, there is a simple solution to all this havoc. Closet cleaning. The word might seem offensive, as it requires a lot of sorting, shifting, cleaning, and folding (ahhh).

With a sorted closet, you can decrease the chances of damage to the clothing material in form or dust, tear, or wrinkles.

If you want your clothes to last longer while staying in good condition, be prepared to begin a closet purge.

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How to Keep Your Recently Laundered Clothes Looking Fresh

How to Keep Your Recently Laundered Clothes Looking Fresh

Imagine getting gorgeous Polo shirt in a bright color only to find the color faded after a few washes and use…


No, it’s not the brand quality… it’s the way you wash and keep your clothes after every wash that makes a difference.

If you want maintain the crisp, color and quality of clothes, here are a few tips.

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Last Minute Alterations for Bridesmaids Dress

Last Minute Alterations for Bridesmaids Dress

A friend is a true blessing and to see that friend getting hitched to the man of her dreams is a dream come true.Picture1

You have seen her grow up and become this gorgeous woman or maybe have been through several emotional journeys with her.

Now the time for her to tie the knot has arrived and like every other time, you want to make it perfect.

Either you pick a dress from David’s Bridal or order an exclusive designer number… perfection comes with the style you pick and the seamstress you find.

Trust us…it will be a complete nightmare to leave the alterations until the last moment, what with several rehearsals and other things you will have on your hand.

Here’s what you need to know about bridesmaid dress alteration to avoid any nightmares.

Pick the Right Size

It is best to pick a dress that is your size or a size bigger—never a size smaller!

For alteration, you will need to have enough material within; this makes it easier to take in and take out the cloth as necessary. If a dress is of particular design that doesn’t fit you snugly, you might want to try out a dress that fits you in the largest parts of your body, and take in from places as deemed fit.

Keep an Eye on Those Measurements

Those measurements are the key to your perfect bridal dress, so it’s only fair you’ll want to keep an eye on them. Try to get those measurements double checked, just in case; so nothing goes wrong.

It’s All about the Best Seamstress

Time is money—but to waste those bucks and minutes on a wrong seamstress is just wasted effort. It is absolutely essential to pick out the best seamstress for your dress. Go with what you feel comfortable with.


If you have a beaded, pearly or dress with plenty of pleats, you might want to keep it mind that it will be a costly alteration.

If you have a simpler dress like lace or chiffon, the cost will be dramatically less. That being said, your alteration specialist will never quote you until they see your dress and the amount of work required for it.

It is quite possible same dresses might have different cost only because the work that is required on each.

What to Wear For Bridesmaid Dress Fitting?

You will be amazed, the difference your shoes, undergarments and shapewear can make to your dress. So, make sure you have those pretty hells and lacy garments tagged along with you. You really don’t want to be surprised on the main day

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